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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bathroom Woes II or All Things Come in Threes

Well, that was interesting... and I, again, got reassured in the firm belief that the old Cymri bards writing those triad poems were really unto something...but I jump ahead. Remember, Kind Reader, my previous post, as I was sitting there waiting for the plumber to come out and tell me what was wrong with my bathroom that leaked water seemingly behind the wall?
It was not just seemingly. It was leaking water behind the wall. My plumber guy and his assistant had to remove the sink (I hate pedestal sinks, really impractical stuff, by the way). Then they took off the paneling. Then they said interesting things...The water apparently was coming for quite a while, so the wallboard was so soaked he could just pull with his bare hands and it came out in chunks, like bread. Behind it, there was standing water, and a spurting leak in the cold water manifold. (As a result of this event, I know more about plumbing now that I ever wanted to, as my plumber made sure I got detailed explanation and description about everything they were doing. I liked that a lot.) They shut the water to the house, tested everything for additional leaks, cut the pipe and fixed the part that was leaking.
Then they left, leaving us with a bathroom still wet and smelly...this was expected and explained: we need to dry it out, get a piece of wallboard, put it in place, then replace the paneling, and call them back so that they can put the pedestal sink back. Therefore, The Husband spent the better part of Friday evening replacing said wallboard, while inhaling insane amounts of gypsum powder. As a result of that, he got a sinus headache-developing into migraine thingy today, from which he's JUST NOW recovering. Yippee.
And why did I say that all things come in threes? Because Friday, when The Husband wanted to go to Lowe's to get said wallboard, he discovered that Edward, our gray Jeep was dead. As in dead. Not responding, not moving, not starting, not doing anything.
Great, huh? But wait, there's more. When I got home, and he related the incident, we discovered that a part of our gutter, due to the strong winds that ripped though DFW this week, got damaged at the back part of the house.
Okay, this was the point, when we said: "This was the third, no more okay?...Right?"

So far, it is good. Turned out that the problem with Edward was the simplest one (and not a dead alternator, thank Heaven!) : the battery died, was replaced today and Edward runs just fine now. Gutter has to wait a bit until we recoup.
And the bathroom sink will be back and running Monday when our plumber comes back in the morning. Good that The Husband is off President's Day!

Now: if I could compose one of those poems...like The Three Disasters of February...


At 6:08 PM, Blogger JimDesu said...

keeping fingers crossed that three will stay three instead of four!

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous rufel said...

or just *one* set of three...


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