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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The problem with Netflix...

...is that you run the risk of the DVD they send is so old, so worn, so scratchy, that it simply refuses to run 40 minutes into the movie. And it won't start again, no matter how much you clean it because, well, it's so scratched you can see it across the room.
And that's what happened yesterday with the original 1975 version of The Stepford Wives; I have not seen it yet, and now I am totally in suspense, because it was rather creepy...Yes, I know the story and basic plotpoints, so no surprises, but the buildup in the original version is just amazingly well done. ::sigh:: Now I'll have to see if I can get it through the local Blockbuster (still have a giftcard from Christmas I need to spend there, so hey).

In other news, I am progressing well on my Christmas scrapbook, and with the additional snapshots The Lemur and his Cupcake sent me, it is positioned well to be finished before this month is over. Then I can start on the Wedding Book. That will be a different adventure, as it is a 12x12, while this one was a small 8x8...requires an entirely different sort of spatial arangement and more photos, for starters. Will have an oipportunity to work on it tonight, while The Husband and The Lizard Queen are busy with cleaning The Dead Wookie In My Garage (tm).

Oh. TDWIMG? Those of you who have not seen the thing, it is an entire fleece from a particular breed of sheep called racka, once very common in Hungary, that we obtained through all kinds of means that are long and complicated to tell here. And, as you will see soon, it really looks like a skinned wookie. The Husband is planning to felt it, once it is cleaned. I told him it needs to be scrubbed first at least twice OUTSIDE the house (in a plastic trach can) to get rid of most of the ungodly smell and its causing factors trapped in the fleece...before he can EVEN think about putting it into the washing machine. In a mesh bag. And I will bleach the whole thing after he's done. Twice.
We are planning on blogging the event with pictures, so check back later this week, either here or at The Husband's blog. It probably will be hysterically funny, or so I hope.


At 11:18 AM, Blogger JimDesu said...

No kidding. Same thing happened to us too -- but it still beats TV.


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