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Monday, July 02, 2007

Bridge to Terabithia

So we visited with friends over the wekend, combined with a totally awesome feast of grilled salmon, catfish, shrimp and buffalo burgers (yes, we were excessive, but since we won't be in town over the 4th, I figured, what the heck)... and as a treat, we were served the movie Bridge to Terabithia after the meal.

We were warned it was a tear-jerker (apparently the store clerk told this to our friend), but that was a mild description. It is a painfully beautiful and sometimes eerily familiar movie about growing up, friendship and the power of loss. And to all of those who were put off by the rather lame trailer when this came out in the theaters and thought that it was just another LOTR or Narnia-clone (the traliers were heavy on the CGI-characters)--those are strictly kept to the minimum,.

All the actors are excellent--I especially loved how Robert Patrick, one of my favorite character actors could, with just a tinly flicker of the eye and mouth, tell long tales about the father's character.

It is good, my friends--if you are not afraid of totally sohwing your emotions by the end of the 96 minutes of roll time--go and rent it.


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