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Friday, September 21, 2007


Why, oh why can't we have one of these here? While I frequent the Coppell Farmers Market (which is small, but very good), the only vendor who sells milk products there cannot sell his own cows'milk outside of his farm, which is in OK, and it is the same everywhere else.
Makes you seriously consider to either move out to the countryside or at least get a buy-in to some coop or regular delivery of products.
I miss my homeland's farmers' markets. I miss the small grocery store in Visegrad where I worked in the museum, where they sold real fresh milk from a local farm from a big steel container delivered daily, along with homebaked pastries and bread.


At 10:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I had a vote in this... I'd really love to have more cool neighbors! :)

Are you looking specifically for cow milk? Sulphur Springs (25 miles east of us) is a huge dairy farming community. They must have a resource for really fresh cow milk.

Goat milk from Rehoboth Ranch is quite tasty. We visit bi-weekly for produce.

Our co-op in Campbell (Thursdays bi-weekly) sells Amish milk, with cream on top. YUMMY! but pricey. Worth the money for a Sunday treat, though!

Let me know if we can help you!



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