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Monday, August 11, 2003

3rd Anniversary

Well, time indeed does fly... I was totally lax in my blogging last week; thus did not even mention the fact that we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on the 6th. We had a nice dressed-up dinner at Jeroboam's at dowtown Dallas--great French cuisine of the pure and simple sort, surprisingly affordable and excellent (my only complaint was the little bit too salty sauce on my venison chop, but Russ's yellowfin tuna was to die for). Anyone who ventures there: the creme brulee is absolutely heavenly! Just the right amount of sweetness, you can taste the real heavy cream in it, and the caramel crust on top has just that right touch of dark and dusky flavor that signals that this was indeed cooked on the fire, but not burned because someone watched it very, very carefully.
So after consuming this exquisite dinner without completely emptying our collective purses, my sweet husband took me up to the 51st floor of the Bank of America tower where he works, and showed me the world...well, at least the slice of it that is visible from there, and it's more than I've ever seen short of peeking form an airplane. Now, I don't have the complete agorafobia my dad has, but I must confess that after about one and a half minutes, I had to step away from the sheet glass. Dallas at night, from a skyscraper is breathtaking, literally. Russ says when it is clear and daytime, one can see Ft. Worth in the distance as well.
So: three years in marriage, five years together (counting our 'heroically long engagement' as Russ called it from the beginning)...here is to you, my love, and to all the many years to come!


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