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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Whee! Good Book.

Almost finished with Allen Steele's Coyote. Good stuff. Makes tiny Bunny-braincells connect and sizzle. Hard sci-fi somewhat related to Heinlein, with libertarian overtones.
Heh. Overtones....The book opens with a vision of the US as a fascist-totalitarian regime in the 2060s, and continues with the premise of the first interstellar spaceship's crew stealing the ship so they can take a bunch of 'dissident intellectuals' i.e. ex-NASA scientists, engineers etc. to Ursa Majoris's moon, Coyote, where they might establish a sustainable and free-of-tyranny colony--provided they come out their cryosleep alive. Provided they get away with the plan first, of course. First part is the story of the escape, written in present tense to increase suspense...then comes the rest of it, which I will not discuss in case anyone wants to read this one.
In other news: bad weather hopefully ends today and sun and warmth returns to the metroplex. I need my sunshine. I was SO depressed over the weekend even Easter could not cheer me up. No sunlight, you see. it supposed to be bright and beautiful on Easter Sunday, right?


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