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Monday, April 19, 2004


Well, Babylon 5 Season 5 came out last week, (yayness!)so me and the Lizard Queen went over to Fry's on Friday afternoon and got it (spicing up the experience with two smoothies from Fry's cafe ...they are HUGE!)...I had to go to bed after the first 2 discs (8 episodes) at 0200 AM, but my husband and said Lizard Queen kept going (after her husband went to bed too) until 0430 or so...
'S okay, I will watch the rest of it after they left for their savate practice. Ha! I am SO looking forward to it: I could only see selected episodes in Hungary back when...so I pounced upon the DVDs when they were available here.
Ah. Also in the news: I am officially in A Writing Plan. One hour a day, no matter what (can be more if needed, but never less). Recipe thankfully taken from my husband's twin and his sweetie...I shall give it a try. Need...to...engage..brain...


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