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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

On The Mend

Good news: the husband's results from the blood test indicated some kind of bacterial infection, so they administered the customary antibiotics course of five days, and some prescription-strength pain killers. I'd say he was 70% better last evening. Another specialist visit is in the works with a gastroenterologist to determine the precise nature of said infection, and then it's hopefully a done deal. Yayness & happy dance ensues!

In other news: November is National Novel Writing Month! This, and the upcoming Polidori night Saturday is a perfect excuse for dragging my long neglected Story back on the drawing table at least for a while. I took a break since May to get ideas and inspiration. I don't know how others do it (opinions, gentle Readers?), but I draw a lot of ideas from listening to music. I am a scene-writer--I see stories in flashes of scenes as opposed in a continuous flow of The Story. I was told early in my writing "career" by an already accomplished writer who dissected one of my early plays that this is my greatest strength: creating images that are vivid, believable and exciting. So thus, by nature, musical pieces can get me a lot of inspiration.

I will be presenting part of The Story again at Polidori, by the way, and I'd invite anyone after the event to go ahead and voice opinions, criticism advice, whatever--I'll need it if I want to go forward with this story, which I intend to.


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