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Monday, November 08, 2004

A Word of Caution

Dear Readers--by all means, stay away from vending machine blueberry muffins! I had the misfortune of pulling a twin pack out of ours and microwaving it, as I always do with these things to get some flavor out of them...
Oh. My. Lord.
The blueberries in these abominations are clearly made out of plastic. By heating them (and before you ask, yes I DID remove the plastic wrappers and I heated them in paper towels as I always do with bread products)they released this truly awful sour plastic flavor that permeated the whole product...My stomach is in total revolt after eating about two mouthfuls before I threw the whole stuff away. I did not keep the wrapper so I don't know what brand it was...might go back to the machine and see if there is any left so I can be more specific. Update: It is Uncle Wally's brand.
Gakk...I am working on not puking right now.
Clearly I have to counter this by baking those homemade chocolate chip muffins I wanted to make all weekend...


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