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Thursday, November 18, 2004

One of my favorites of this year is out on DVD

In a previous post on this blog here I already established the The Chronicles of Riddick is a really good movie, not only a flick. Well, the Director's cut just came out on DVD this Tuesday and last night between baking two pecan pies we run out and bought it for the night's entertainment.

Folks, David Twohy's version is better than the movie version, pretty much the same way as my husband's all-time favorite movie Blade Runner is better in the Ridley Scott-version. I am not going into plot points here yet, on the off-chance that some of my Dear Readers have not seen it yet (by the way, if anyone in the DFW area would like to view it with us, give us a holler)--but you know, that ending just packs such a punch... It was really heavy in the movie version too, but the subtle changes (like giving the final line of the movie dialog to another person) made it even more obvious the moment when the 'hero' of the movie, Riddick realizes that his days of ‘going around killing people’ are over. That yes, from now on, he ‘keeps what he kills’. He acquired conscience. And he’ll live with it from now on. And it sucks.


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