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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tour is OVER!

Well, it is done and over with...my second whirlwind tour of Texas to audit our field offices is over . And a good thing too, I have no idea how all those traveling execs, my boss included, do these overnighters sometimes several times a week.

San Antonio, as always, was wonderful, sunny and mild, with some unexpected culinary experiences too, including a really lovely scampi with the right amount of garlic, hint of white wine and REAL BUTTER, and a melt-in-your mouth rice pilaf at the hotel's nondescript restaurant (hint--listen to your hunches and ignore how the place looks or the fact that you are the only guest at the place; actually, later it started to fill in, I realized I was early...). Next day's lunch was Chinese buffet, heavy on seafood (highlights included cashew shrimp and bacon-wrapped 'crab' sticks)...and even the files were not that bad in a very friendly work atmosphere. You know you work for a decent company when everyone hugs you when you arrive, they make a fresh pot of coffee and one of the managers is caught dancing in his office while the door is open, just because he is in a good mood, with his secretary looking at you saying 'You are lucky, THIS time he kept the clothes on' while she winks.

Ahem. All I am saying is, I could be worse off. But now, no more airplanes--well, for business, anyway. And until November when we are of to Hungary. Whee!


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