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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Piles O'Stuff

Well, I have a huge pile of stuff to be stuffed into suitcases tonight (NOT earlier, wrinkles setting in are narsty to get rid of), a raspberry-chocolate flavored coffee in front of me (YUM!) learned that it looks like there will be NO strike at the Budapest Airport when we arrive (phew!-there was a fleeting possibility union negotiations fail by Monday, but looks like hey agreed on whatever they had to agree), did all last minute pseudo-Christmas shopping to all Hungarian relatives...now just have to convince The Husband to start to pull his stuff together as well--
provided he ever wakes up from his afternoon nap..
Um: 'scuse me. Time to go and nudge some sleeping husbands. I am wide awake and he's asleep. This is clearly not fair and should have serious repercussions.
In case I do not survive the attempt, or have no more time to blog--have a good week, y'all, and we will be hopefully back briefly from Budapest with some reporting on the State of the Bunny and Her Clan.


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