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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Light Blogging Cont'd

Hopefully tonight I'll remember to puit up some pictures from my brother-in-law's visit; then I need to start making the dreaded Packing List i.e. What to Take With Us To Hungary? The weather forecast for next week is...um...completely normal for this time of the year over there: rainy all week, around 50 degrees max, and 30 at night. Yippee. That, of course means rainproof gear, long coat, warm sweaters etc., of which I only have a limited selection (this is DFW after all; we had a cold front today which pushed the temps down to ::gasp:: 70 for max). So: need time to consider, select and possible get 1 or 2 extra turtlenecks this weekend. Flight leavs Sunday afternoon...
The Husband is off tomorrow: working for a bank, Veteran's Day is a holiday for him. Lucky him. Eh bien, the vacation is looming closer and closer.
Will plan on signing in from apublic terminal somewhere in Hungary to see if I can blog something, at least a hello: my dad or my suster does not have net access. My cousin does, on the other hand, so I might take advantage of that, if time allows.


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