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Monday, January 09, 2006

Oh, my...she has new obsessions...

Yep. The Bunny has brand new, very weird and totally addictive obsessions, due to SOME people getting her CERTAIN Christmas presents.

I got a Zojirushi CD-DEC50 5-liter electric water dispenser pot from The Lizard Queen and her hubby. Tea 24/7, hot water on demand, I mentioned in the previous post. THEN said Lizard Queen casually took me to the Galleria the last day of vacation because I mentioned that well, I'd never actually BEEN there despite me living in the Metroplex for more than five years now. AND then we found this shop, full of really really really cool teas, including Yerba Mate, real Pi Lo Chan, and (although I was GOOD and did not buy any) Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls...::sobs::

And then, when we visited our cool friend Phelonius and his family, they disappeard into their bedroom saying 'oops, some wrapping duties to do' and LO! I got this breadmachine for Christmas!! And I am making bread...
Well, the first two were kinda bad. The very first one was a total disaster as the dough did not mix...then by the second I started to figure out that I need to watch the dough when it starts kneading and then add extra liquid if needed (thanks to The Marmot who shared this secret with me before I could check it out in my new bread machine cokbook)... so by the third loaf (a cinnamon-raisin bread) I got it down pretty good. Currently there is a rye-buttermilk loaf rising for the final time and I will have bread in an hour. Yay! Handmade gifties for friends...And it even makes jam!!

OK, you are ready for the WORST obsession? The one my husband unleaashed on me?


Scrapbooking supplies.
A ton.

Now most of my five regular readers know that The Bunny is a trained archeologist and medievalist who LIVED in archives for a while. The idea of PRESERVING all those pictures of my life, AND my husband's, PLUS family history, eventually...combined with some really COOL TOYS (turned out a few months back my coworker sells scrapbooking stuff for this company, so The Husband did not have to go far)...After the first review of the stuff, and returning from our Christmas vacation in DC, I decided to make a Christmas album...so I went and got my first album from my favorite store, some extra Christmas stickers, some paper...Then I ventured out to the 'net...Then I got a book from Half-Price Books with even more advice, web links and store listings...so now I am totally overwhelmed...Whee! A Good Thing (tm) that I can multitask, neh? And I have the next 2 projects lined up already: a cat album for all my kitties (of course, mostly dedicated to Saint Marco Polo), and The Wedding Album Project, that gives The Husband the heebie-jeebies because he thinks it is tacky. Heh. Ask the children and their prospective spouses twenty years from now...
But now I need to find Archival Mist to preserve the wedding invitation, as surely it was not printed on acid-free paper...


At 2:25 PM, Blogger The LQ said...

Heh! And they all work together -- as the bread machine is doing its magic, you can sip tea while working on your latest scrapbook project! ;-)

At 4:11 PM, Blogger Annamaria said...

And that's exactly what I was doing last night! :-)

At 12:53 AM, Anonymous chris - wichita said...

Scrapbooking? AIEEEE! scary. Still, it is a valuable way to archive things. I only wish my fencing club's stuff was so archived.


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