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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dance, dance, dance...

If it was not for The Husband and his salle-mate The Pony, I'd never have seen Momix. They were not particularly advertised much around the metroplex, and they only had two performances at the McFarlin Auditorium, not exactly a star venue. So when The Husband emailed me a while back whether we could go and I could practically see him through the email bouncing in his office chair with that particular big-eyed 'please, please...'look in his eyes, I said, sure. He apparently always wanted to see them, just never got around it. So off we went, to SMU land.

You can always tell that it's an university auditorium/theater, despite the decoration. There is always an ugly metal pipe running across the dainty railing, painted off-white to not even closely match anything around it, some awful dark brown wainscoting lining the gallery, plus there's the unmistakeable smell of graduate school. Nevertheless, the performance was totally awesome. I perused their website, so I kind had an idea what to expect, but still, it was simply amazing.

For those of you who are curious, here is their site. We have seen the show "Lunar Sea", which is exceptionally beautiful, funny and poignant at the same time: and that's no mean feat. I've seen some modern dance shows that simply put me to sleep, but this one had me thinking for about 10 minutes into the first act: "HOW are they doing THAT?" Than just said to myself: if I keep trying to figure out how they can appear to walk at impossible angles, turn upside down in slo-mo, or swim through the stage like a shimmering sea creature, I will either go crazy, or totally lose the beauty...so I left it to The Husband and Pony (who is a dancer) to deal with that, and enjoyed the magic, which was helped considerably by the music as well. They provided a booklet with the show that listed the soundtrack, if you will...so one of these days I shall definitely take a look at that, because the soundscape was just as incredible as the dancers.

If you happen to have them in your town (their calendar is on their website) check them out!


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