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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


A quick update: the broken toe is slowly but surely healing (I am able to wear closed toe shoes for a couple of hours now, oh joy! It certainly felt the cold front that came in yesterday...but I'll have to put up with that for the rest of my life now, so everyone tells me.

I really need to plunk my little behind in front of this blog and post some reviews and pictures soon, not to mention recipes of yummy food items. Mmmm, speaking about yummy food items...I am really getting hungry here at the end of a work day: will have to find a tideover while I cook dinner (it will take time for the chicken to defrost). Mmmm, chicken...I think I'll roast it with potatoes in the oven. Got the potatoes and some other veggies at the farmers market in Coppell: the irving one will not start up until mid-May. It's not big, but the produce they have is really good quallity and the taste is truly superior to that of the supermarket mas produce: the eggs I got were just as dark yellow, almost orange, than my grandma's back in Hungary. Let me just tell you they make really good sunny-side-up eggs on a Sunday morning, especially garnished with some red, red tomatoes and fresh green onions.
Okay, I am really hungry now. Gotta close up shop and go home to get that chicken out of the freezer.


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