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Monday, May 15, 2006

Kalamazoo 2006

My two latest victims, Sean and Keith, in animated conversation after their session: this gave me the idea to propose for a roundtable discussion for the 2007 Congress. ::Sigh:: We realized with The Husband on our way back that we are bad influence on budding scholars: our friend Grzegorz back at the CEU was a perfectly respectable economic historian until we convinced him to study 14-15 c. medieval fighting manuals and their context...and now Keith, the perfectly respectable Middle Germanist, is completely drawn into the same group of manuscripts. Ha. We are the Dark Side...and, by their own confession, they enjoy it. Sean does not count, he fenced WAY before this medieval nonsense ever came up, but we like him nevertheless (even though he missed our Thursday dinner, for which he can be sorry for ever and ever, given the wonderful and huge portions of protein and assorted other substances we had at The Roadhouse (the boys say the beer was rather acceptable, too...)

Our audience during Keith's presentation: my co-organizer, Amy, is in the first row in the blue shirt and vest, fiercely taking notes. On the left, The Husband in deep thoughts, behind him, Evil Bob concentrating. Sean is probably thinking about his own presentation back and right in the blue shirt.


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