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Thursday, June 01, 2006


I had an officially lazy, great Memorial Day weekend, complete with the rediscovery of our back yard, in a hammock with coffee and books. It is awesome in the early morning hours, watching the cats circle the bird feeder in vain, then settling down around my hammock as if guarding from intruders, such as the bluejay raiding the feeder, or the inexplicably rude squirrels chittering on the old oak tree from which the hammock hangs.
It's pretty quiet in the evenings too, except that there are mosquitoes if I forget the Cedar-Cide (note to self, running low, need to stock up tomorrow), so the evening sittings are shorter (but are the only options during weekdays). Now if we somehow manager to get a back patio up next year, it really would be perfect.

The roses are blooming again in the front yard, and the lavender bushes are heavy with blue-gray stalks of flowers, so harvesting should commence pretty soon for dried flowers. All the other plants could use some rain. No such luck though: someone told me it rained heavily in Irving Monday...I laughed. It depends WHICH part of Irving, silly. Our back yard got maybe twenty drops. Said person snorted and told me in our office building (also in Irving) the storm (STORM!) knocked out the circuits to the security doors, so on Tuesday (which I took off, ha!) they had wide open, absolutely unsecure doors all across the building. Yes, sure.
Sigh. Sometimes I wish the airport was a bit less conveniently close...rainclouds often just bounce off somehow. On the other hand, we don't get tornadoes, ever. Which is a GOOD thing...


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