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Friday, June 09, 2006

Texas Summer

Yup, the dog days of summer have officially arrived, so our household ceremoniously turned on the A/C for evenings only this week. This extra insulation-cum-ridge vents-cum-soffits seems to really work: it is over a hundred for the last two days and the temp with fans only and windows closed is around 83 in the house. It's the stuffiness that really bothers us, and thus the A/C gets turned on so that we can sleep.
Sometimes it's a good thing that our living room/library combo has only one window and thus it decidedly sports a 'cave effect'.
In other news my lavenders are blooming like crazy (I gotta get some sort of plastic tubing so I can concoct a makeshift still and produce some lavender water...mmm), and this weekend there's a definite possibility of acquiring a gently used Weber grill form a friend who upgraded to gas. Mmmm...outside meat on a regular basis, here I come...(provided there's not a ban on fires...)


At 12:04 PM, Blogger JimDesu said...

Now all you need is a dog... :)


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