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Friday, July 21, 2006

Back from the road again

Got back from Memphis, TN last night--work-related travel. Would have been nothing special, were it not for my wonderful friend there, who moved from Colorado when she got promoted. She picked me up at the airport, took me to dinner (if you are in the area, The Commissary in Germantown makes a MEAN pork BBQ sandwich that is, sorry to report, is superior to any pork sandwich I had in TX), then showed me her new home and made me tea...We sat on her couch for HOURS and talked about stuff girls talk who bacame friends while wrking in offices hundreads of miles apart, meet maybe once a year and core-dump on each other every time they meet.
Next time I am going for training in August, I even got the offer to stay at her house...Should be fun. Whee!
Thankfully I am not going anywhere for a month...I was on the road one way or another almost every week in May and then from the end of June again up till now. It is good to stay and relax for a while--not to mention to finally get the chance to do something around the house--provided, of course, the weather will break as promised. You know you acclamated to Texas, when you say: "Oh, we'll get a cold front this wekend, it will only be 94 Saturday! How wonderful!"

I'll try to throw on some pictures over the weekend about our San Antonio trip last week that I still have'nt even downloaded from the camera. Argh!


At 11:48 AM, Blogger Technogypsy said...

Honey, BBQ in Texas is beef. That pork stuff is just for yankees.


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