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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Okay, if you need to calm down in the light of recent events, like me (SOME of those events were the Saga Of The Pipes That Burst Again On Sunday, The Foundation That Breaks The House In Twain, not to mention the Surrender Your Toothpaste Because Of %^&^*(# Terrorists), then get this CD. Now.
She is. Just. Wonderful. And, coincidentally, she is the voice you hear on Leonard Cohen's last couple of albums, starting with The Future and I Am Your Man. This album was co-written and co-produced by her and Cohen.
Her name in Anjani Thomas, and she is wonderful. My blood pressure already dropped significantly after three songs, while she almost makes me weep from the melancholy of her (and Leonard's) lyrics, tunes and voice. M-m-m.
Certain relatives of mine please listen to the sample of Track No. 3: The Golden Gate...


At 11:23 AM, Blogger eowyn said...

Sweet... I like this. Thanks for the recommendation.

At 3:03 PM, Blogger Annamaria said...

You're welcome...I listened to it three times last night; it just gets better. I already have favorites.

At 9:24 PM, Blogger celogomama said...

Very pretty.. Thanks for sharing!

At 5:19 PM, Blogger Kiki said...

Neat. Maybe I'm getting old but I'm starting to like music like this (jazzy, songbird-y) more and more. You certainly can't argue with her short pedigree (discovered by Leonard Cohen).

p.s. Sorry about the house.


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