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Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Culinary Call To Arms

A passionate and justifiably so, call to arms is circulating in Hungarian magazines, gastroblogs an online magazines. You can read the English version here about the current culinary crisis in Hungary and about some proposed needs and changes. Me, an expat Hungarian living in the US, for one would really welcome at least some changes--as my father runs a restaurant and is a rather passionate cook himself, we have long discussions every time I visit. We both feel some of the problems expressed in the document linked above: the low quality ingredients, the loss of joy in gastronomy, the tasteless dishes served by bored waiters in bland, overpriced restaurants in a country where hospitality, quality of food and entertainment with style used to be the norm which attracted guest from all over the world.
The only thing I take exception in this document, and passionately so, is the call on the state 'to fix what they broke'. That, I think is a mistake. Responsible citizens and their organizations should take up this task--government has no business in 'fixing' a country's gastronomy. They can add financial help with grants etc., but especially in Hungary on should realize that state issued directives and 'nutrition programs' cannot be the way to go about it.


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