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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Colorado Rocks!

Well, a long time again. I shall post a longer entry here as time allows (probably tonight). In short: we retruned from our Labor Day weekend trip from Denver/Wheat Ridge, Co, visiting the Greens (John and Janell), having an incredible time! Yay, mountains! Yay, fog and dew and clouds, elk and coyotes and chipmunks and one morose and fat marmot! Yay, Taste of Colorado fair, kettle corn, funnel cake, bad smooth jazz cover of Sade's Smooth Operator (even so)...Yay, Garden of the Gods, slight sunburn, America West Airlines who lets upgrades for 1st class on the airport (ouch for that credit card bill, though...)... Yay, Shadow and Miroslav, cats of the Green family (especially at three am, when 20-pound Shadow climbs through one's body up to the face, curls up and starts purring REALLY loud...)...Yay, John and Janell's patience, planning, hospitality and great conversations.
As I said, it was incredible-- and, thanks to the new digicam, I have great shots of all the nifty places we visited. Even though my dear husband is complaininig that due to the fact that I took 90% of the shots (okay, two of the best shots he took, actually...), I am not showing up on any of the pictures. Yet again. Mwahahaha....:-)


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