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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Things Happening...

Foundation is shifting daily: it's really a drought in the Metroplex. Will be fixed officially on September 11-12th...yes, two days. I am SO looking forward to it.
Did I mention we survived a couple more of those pipe bursts in our master bathroom? They finally changed an entire pipe including a manifold, so hopefully it will hold. However, according to The Husband, the City of Irving did some work in our area on the mains, and now we have some trouble with the outside watering line in the back yard. Will have to see if I can actually close the water later this evening there, right now the soaker hoses are gently watering the foundation...::sighs::
More travel next week, to Memphis again, training classes for two days.
The Husband starts his adjunct classes next week. Yay!
Got to the Dallas Lush! store last Sunday finally with The Lizard Queen and we had a blast sniffing various lovely-smelling cosmetics and such. If anyone wonders what to get me for Christmas, birthdays etc., they cannot go wrong with this company's products. M-m-m...
Life is good, just very busy. or so I tell myself.


At 6:49 PM, Blogger Kiki said...

Dang. I sure hope the foundation/pipe troubles are gone for good.
Enjoy Memphsis... uh, if that's possible.


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