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Monday, October 09, 2006

Busy again!

Argh! Life bacame busy again...work has been unreal lately, and what with all the house stuff going on, I was too exhausted to post...heck, I was having problems sleeping (which is a first...). Hopefully things slow down abit so I can at least put some recipes up--I learned a really good Thai salad, and I am not sure I ever posted the Sicilian Fish recipe I learned from my Italian Famhouse cookbook.
But then again, if you want really good recipes, look over at Technogypsy, whose recent adventures into confit and other greasy loveliness-making made me want to move in with his family (I'd even do dishes...)


At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Maddie said...

Oh Wow. Technogypsy made various confites...oh, my it looked soo good. I think I smell phantom duck and pork not cooking in my oven. Oh how I want some..
And I'm glad that things are slowing down with the house now that the bubblewrap is off - fingers crossed that this is it :)


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