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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Still Alive

Still here. Just too busy to blog again...thing at work, things around the house...I started a new workout routine on weekdays, as we joined the local YMCA here in Irving, so afternoons right after work are more organized than they used to be. Not that I mind--it already has results after three weeks.
We finally started to get the tomatoes and peppers to produce: this spring was so rainy that although there was plenty of moisture, the sun was just not out enough for the crop to start actually to develop. That is changing now, so yay, veggies. Our blackberries this year also are surprising us with a bumper crop: not that I mind, give me blackberries or raspberries and I am happy all day. But raspberries are hard to raise here, so blackberries it is. Yum.
Summer also hit: today we officially cleared 90 degrees, so the slow climbing to 100 begins...thankfully, we fared a lot better temperature-wise than last year when we got over 90 in April already...::shudder::


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