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Thursday, September 18, 2003


...are really not webjournals for me and a lot of my friends. We just talked about it recently with Miss Rufel, my sweet roomie and fellow-blogger lady. We post to our blogs when we have something to say...:-)

No, this is not a lame excuse for not posting more than maybe once a week. Just a fact. Yes, that's it.

Isabel is bearing down on the East coast--my husband's family being largely there, understandably my thoughts were with them today a lot. I hope Grandma will pull through OK; Chris, my brother-in-law was planning on going over and spending the day with her to make sure all is well. Grandma is a stout Irish lady, bless her heart, but she needs company. And that's why we are so torn in our Christmas plans. My dad really wants us to go over to Hungary, but he understands that Russ cannot really afford not to be with Grandma will all happenings this year. At the same time, I'd really like to go home and see my folks...while I'd dearly love to see Grandma and spend the holidays with my beloved.
I need to give an answer to my dad by Sunday, and I know whatever I say, someone's heart will be a little broken. Not a very happy realization...


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