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Thursday, September 04, 2003


One of the bounties we scored in Denver CO was the soundtrack of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean'. Awast! What a wondrously adventuresome musical score...! :-) Even if it keeps repeating two or three melodies only, in various keys, rhythms etc...but who needs TOO much of amelody for a summer movie with underwater zombie pirates anyway? ;-) Even if it screams from the overorchestrating tendencies of Mr. Hans 'Long John' Zimmer, who co-authors this piece with Hans Badelt? It's fun music. It's pirate music...obviously I need to watch this again...

In other news, we'd seen the theatrical DVD of The Two Towers a coupla' times in the past week, right after it was available for sale (we don't own it, just rented it, waiting shamelessly for the extended special edition)...and that was fun too, it on a completely different scale. I kept having flashbacks to the movies 'Stalingrad' and "Enemy at the Gates' at the scenes in Osgiliath and at Helm's Deep...was rather intense. NAd, according to the previews I've seen from The Return Of The King, we aint' seen nothing yet...Pellenor Fields will be MUCH more intense.


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