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Monday, September 22, 2003

Family Sorted Out.

OK; we got a compromise for Christmas. I am going to spend a week at Dad's...still dunno about the housing situation as his girlfriend sold her apartment all of a sudden and moved in with him--temporarily until she finds another place...sure, Dad...:-) (Although he sounded like that's indeed the plan...) Eh bien , I can always stay with my sis...no, wait, she has a permanent boyfriend now (again), who keeps his motorcycle in her kitchen... NO, wait: he moved the motorcycle--it's a bike now, if I remember right...
But yes, I am going to Budapest for Christmas--Russ, with his wee 2 days of vacation left, will go to Maryland to cheer up Grandma a bit, and in the Spring we both will go back to Hungary again together, because, as Russ puts it: "I need to make sure your Dad sees I am treatin' you right..."
So it all looks fine and dandy, even if I know it all gonna change eight times again. Dad insists of paying for the airfare--although technic'ly it is my dear sainted Grandma who pays, it's from her estate--, so I only have to cover gifts and treating family out--provided Dad lets me...I still remember last year I tried to pay the waiter at a restaurant, and he looked at me with big eyes and said "Did you realize that Mr. Kovacs will kill me if I let you?" (Yes, my dad is well-known in a bunch of nifty places around town--this was one of them. I have a rather cool dad.)


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