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Friday, October 24, 2003

Cat Still Missing...

Well, my kitty is still missing. For those who did not read my previous entry (or the comments): Marco Polo is missing since Saturday morning when was last sighted by Rufel. NO trace whatsoever. No blood, no body (even called the dead animal pickup/Irving shelter and they said they'd have called the number on his name tag had they picked him up lifeless), and neither of the two animal shelters have him. We put up reward signs in the neighborhood and Russ walks around almost every evening while tries to keep my spirits up simultaneously. He _is_ the best--thank you, sweetie! All the other cats are fine, and we see all the rest of the street's cats roaming around--although Marco's arch-rival, the fawn siamese tom is suspiciously limping and avoiding our area.
In case you see/hear about a large (18lbs) one eyed brown tabby cat in the Irving area--please let me know! I am told that cats do this klnd of thing--Marco in neutered, but the vet in Hungary must have botched something because, as I mentioned below, he has his moments of Boy (tm) and in the last few days before his disappearance he desperately tried to get out of the house in the middle of the night.
He is my first ever pet, and I brought him all over from Hungary--he just passed his 7th birthday last Thursday. It is like part of the continuation of my life, the bridge between my old life back in Hungary and my new one here in the US is suddenly missing.
Have to finish; hard to type with my eyes all misty.


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