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Monday, October 20, 2003


Whee! What a weekend!
On Friday we finally managed to get to CarToys and replace the dead CD player in the car...the new one is smaller, slimmer, glows blue in the dark and makes the factory speakers sound like some high-quality sound equipment. I was not sure about getting something in that price range first, but listening to some CDs since then in the car--not the least Track 15 of the The Two Towers soundtrack-- convinced me otherwise. Yes, it makes a difference. Whee!

Visited the Bairds on Saturday afternoon, too, where Russ and I finally got a chance to see a small part of the computer game Medieval Total War, courtesy of Mr. John Baird (15 but almost 7 feet, soon-to-be-high-school student and straight As--Go John!)...Very shiny! The Battle of Stirling Bridge on Expert level is something to show every wargamer...that scenario is just plain HARD.
Ah, and James Baird still makes the best Bratwurst this side of the ocean.

Then David Fontenot and his absolutely sweet almost 5-years old daughter Katy has arrived from El Paso to spend some days with us--much reminiscence about the UD days with my husband, Rufel and Jonathon--they were all at that institution together, and half of the time I have no idea what they are talking about, although they are really polite and usually explain to me five minutes after they notice I am staring politely in the air while they are giggling furiously... :-)

Unfortunately, there are also developments of the worrying sort--Marco Polo, my one-eyed kitty cat (18lbs and gaining), decided to go on some adventure Friday night, and after spotting him shortly Saturday morning in someone else's back yard, we haven't seen him since. Russ sez nothing to worry, cats do that kind of thig. He is neutered, although the vet back in Hungary must have had botched something (so we suspect) because he occassionally has the whiff of Boy (tm), and did not stop having girlfriends. I mean, they are coming to the house and knock on the window. I swear, I've seen it. So we hope he just has an extended stay with some sleek ladykitty or roaming around kicking rival tomcat butt, and shall return soon, pompous and aristocratic as ever, turning into a complete addict when I take out milk from the fridge...Hey, Marco, you hear? Come home!


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