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Friday, November 28, 2003

Long Time No Blog

I just was not in the mood. Still having occassional chills--this winter kinda caught me unprepared...and Marco Polo never came home. We still don't know what happened- although both Russ and Jonathon heard a coyote howling in our neighborhood a couple of times, and the two little stray cats that were around in October diappeared the week after marco did. Then Jonathon met the coyote family at Northlake College,, where he teaches...so if the worst fears of mine came true...this is what happened to my slightly overweight wonderful teddybear-kitty.

But I cannot live without a cat (despite the fact that we have three others in the house)...so along came a pixie-bob. Long I was peeking at the website of the originator of this strange breed, mostly because the look and personality of the cats are SO much similar to Marco. So I thought: 'If ever anything happens to him, this is the breed of cat I want." And it happened. Now PIxie-bobs are usually short tailed, so when we learned from the breed's originator, no less, that they had a long-tailed kitten (ok, teenager of 7.5 months old) available, we acted on it.

He is currently still named Butchie, the name he was given at his old home, but this might change. Many names are floating around, including Tofu (because he's a Marco substitute); Chirp (he has a weird chirpy noise, not your usual cat meuw); and a couple of others that are less desirable, but equally funny. The jury is still out. I managed to finally take some digital pictures of him yesterday...he was hiding for the better of 3 days under our bed, but now (largely thanks to Turkey Day and the wafts of wonderful smell through the house) he wanders all around, talks, purrs...and loves his toys. So we shall be all right, I think, as soon as the other cats get accustomed to the fact that there is a new boy in the house. I hope to put some pics up on my largely dormant website, and I shall let all concerned know.


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