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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Holidays! Food! Travel!

Well: I am back.
Actually, I got back from Hungary on Saturday; a week-long whirlwind tour of Budapest organized and conducted by my dear papa, who made absolutely sure I was never without a proper meal, even when I really did not need it. I swear I put on at least five pounds...my dear husband says it shows at certain places, but it's nothing some rigorous yoga would not fix. Heh. Encouragement, thine name is Russell.
I got back on Saturday, as I said, and truth to tell, scared as I was about the orange level alert that came into effect whuile I was stuffing my face at Dad's house with goose liver and fish soup (not necessarily in that order)--the security lines and levels did not differ much from what I was already accustomed to. Maybe Budapest Ferihegy Airport, Frankfurt Airport and DFW Airport (the three my present trip tok me through) had always been particularly well-organized, or jut laid back or I don't know...but it was all smiles at the security checkpoints, on both sides, patience and goodwill towards each other. Maybe it was the Christmas spirit. I'd like to think that there was some to be found this year, and I am very pleased that it was at the airport. Maybe because I managed to get some Christmas candy in my backpack actually enter into the country, even after declaring it to the customs officer. Smiling, of course.
And Black Forest Bakery in Dallas actually carries Hungarian salami, sausage and bacon products. Yay. Besides their excellent kitchen. Veql Bratwurst...yum. Just a touch of lemon and chives, with strong horseradish and potato pancakes. Ahhhh...
My dad shared his absolute secret Steak Tartare recipe with me, finally. I feel like I am treated as an adult now. And I am not kidding. In living memory, Dad did not tell this to anyone--I watched him making it when I was a kid, but he developed and refined the recipe since then and when last time I tasted it (December 22nd, dinner in his kitchen), it was pure art...so I shall make it for New Year's Eve. I have the top sirloin marinading in the fridge for the second day now. I just KNOW that a certain husband cannot wait.

So I hope all of you had a wonderful and joyous Holiday season, and will have a great and memorable New Year!


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