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Friday, December 19, 2003

We Seen This Movie, You Know...

....ummm....about some short people running around tyring to lose a piece of jewelry and a stubbly man becoming king and an elfy person and oliphaunts...

Okay. We've seen The Return Of The King on Wednesday, and it JUST got to the point when I can kinda look back and say something about it. Yesterday every time I thought about some scene from it, I started to tear up. At work. Ridiculous. I am such a softie. ::grumble::
But then, why not? The movie is NOT perfect (the extended edition DVD will fix that, I am certain), but it's a wonderful, uplifting, emotionally gripping and gorgeous adaptation of the book. It finds and explores all the central themes of Tolkien's book: friendship, love, honor... Up to, and including one of the most important ones (at least, to me): You cannot go back. There are wounds that cannot heal...but the fight was worthy and you'd do it again if need be. Things are changing, and things are passing away (like grey ships into the West).
Bittersweet it is...but extremely comforting, again, at least to me. My inner gloomy Hungarian really likes that part.


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