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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Observations On Fashion

Just' cause, you know, I like this stuff, and because our company actually allowed us thus inclined to watch the Presidential Inauguration from the breakroom.
And because it;'s so much more fun writing about this topic then, you know, politics... :)

1. That was some hat on Aretha Franklin (as Mexalapotis already remarked in her blogpost). One of my coworkers said it reminded her of some hats her mom's church friends were wearing on Sundays. And she matched. Always a plus; besides, she can SING.
2. I wanna know where the new Prez got his overcoat (it looked fabulous) and who told him not to wear a scarf. He must have been freezing.
3. The two presidential daughters looked totally adorable, even though I wouldn't have paired pink with orange in the case of the younger. But, as my dad likes to remark, I am a tad conservative when it comes to dress sense. (The Husband uses stronger words, but that's a nother story).
4. No one looked frumpy, not even Ms. Clinton. Yippee. However, what was up with Bush Sr's purple scarf??
5. Some reporters either need to get a crash course in basic etiquette about dress sense, or they need to get someone there who knows what they're talking about. They actually debated if the red box in Michelle Obama's hand was a CLUTCH PURSE.
Now, I don't always agree with her dress choices (and definitely not with her politics), but you know, EVEN I wouldn't assume that she'd have a red clutch purse with that pale yellow brocade outfit with pale green gloves. Seriously.
It was, as the breathless Reporter One corrected later, the box with the Lincoln Bible in it. End of Story.

Okay, I just had to get that out of me. Back to my own frumpy existence now. Yes, I am frumpy these days--whatever fits me, I put it on, which means none of my normal, nice professional clothing. It KILLS ME! :)

ETA: That inauguration ball gown, on the other hand... ::rubs eyes:: Oh, that gown...if I could forget it. What was up with that???


At 9:19 PM, OpenID mexalapotis said...

I agree with you on Mrs. Obama's wardrobe. I don't always like the cut of her clothes, but I do LOVE the colors she wears AND the fact that she will wear such great colors.

At 10:13 PM, Blogger Annamaria said...

Yeah, I am not even sure about that yellow coat--I mean it looked yellow first but later when I looked on pictures it was kind of a pale yellow with a more greenish hue. What do you think?

At 10:25 PM, OpenID mexalapotis said...

On tv it looked like it was a wonderful yellow color. I haven't seen any pictures of it, but, based on how everything is all high definition now, I would bet the tv version is the more accurate view of it. I don't think I liked it very much, but I do think it looked good on her, and was a great color. Totally not my style though.

At 9:41 AM, Blogger lisamarlene said...

Oh, come on, what was wrong with that ball gown? My Barbie used to have one just like it!

At 11:34 AM, Blogger Annamaria said...

Actually I thought about the curtains my gramma used to have...


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