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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

It's Official...

I have bronchitis...the joy! I finally went to my doctor's yesterday as this cough did not improve at all--fever was gone since Saturday, but I expected to be much better by now. So I got an appointment with the technician for yesterday afternoon (someone cancelled)...and here I am, with drugs! Yayness again. Antibiotics, cough tablets and an inhaler, even. Mmm...drugs...She promised I'd be 100% better by the weekend. We shall see.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Sick bunny

Bleh. Got some fancy-schmancy bug on our plane ride home from Kalamazoo, MI--this is what you get for spending four days in an academic environment yet again. I am wondering if this is God's usual humorously smacking-me-over-the-head way to tell me something...?
Still recuperating. Spent Monday afternoon and all Tuesday under blankies. Today, at work, still shivering, box of Kleenex glued to nose, coughing lungs out, weak..yuck.
On the other hand: we watched Children of the Dune last night...wow. See it. Listen to the score. Look at the cinematography. Watch the body acting.

Back to my Kleenex box for now...

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

It's May already...

...and I haven't blogged for two weeks. Oy vey.
I spent three days in Colorado at a company meeting, that turned out to be surprisingly pleasant and made me know and appreciate my co-workers in different regions of the company better; the snowfall and the breahtaking view of Estes park from the windows of the YMCA cabin we stayed at helped too...:-)
Then we almost got the Scarborough Faire last weekened, but as the weather was so abysmally bad Saturday (rain, what rain, deluge...winds etc.), we decided to stay in and watch Kill Bill I on DVD instead. We tried to find all the different directors and genres Tarantino mushged into this movie, I, personally, gave up after, I think, six... If one can stand the (otherwise lifelike and correct) blood and gore, it's a really good movie. I am looking forward to its sequel (or actually, integral part) in the theaters.

Tomorrow we leave for Kalamazoo, MI ('us' here is Boxing Alcibiades, The Lizard Queen and myself), for the annual Medieval Congress at WMU. Boxing A is giving a paper and I have a session to preside over (I originally had two, but most of my participants decided to leave me hanging two weeks before the congress. I was not a happy camper but hey, next year I will ask them to actually write the papers two months ahead of time and turn it in to me.).
We will be there until Sunday...according to the weather forecast, warm and thunderstorms expected. Joy. Shortsleeves and umbrellas. Packing tonight. Yayness.

Writing Update: progress is made. Characters are taking unexpected turns, but hey, that's just the way writing goes. At least when I tell excerpts to the Lizard Queen, she giggles--I guess that's a good sign.