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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Shameless Plug As Christmas Nears...

I updated my amazon.com wish list (link to the right), like the title here says, shamelessly....You got the drift...:-)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

To the person who ate my lunch today

(I posted this in the breakroom once I discovered my frozen lunch was gone)
To the person who ate my lunch today-
I looked forward to eating my Shrimp Pasta today. Since you had it hopefully instead of one of the other Lean Cuisine items in this freezer, please call me and let me know which item I can have instead. It is 100pm and I have not eaten since 0700 this morning. I would like to.

Thanks in advance!

I am eating cold chicken salad sandwich from the cafeteria instead. NO fun. What pisses me off is that the person MUST have realized they were eating the wrong item (shrimp instead of chicken) and yet elected not to tape a note on the freezer saying: "Oops, sorry, I ate someone's shrimp pasta...have the chicken roast instread, I meant to have that one."


Thursday, November 24, 2005


We are back from Budapest...the plane ride is LOOONG, folks, so we are still kinda jetlagged. Despite that, I am hip-deep in Thanksgiving turney preparation, because well, one needs to indulge in the joys of cooking after being cooked for continuously for 10 days. And ah, the joys of one's own keyboard...yay!
There will be stories with images soon here and on The Husband's blog as well; until then:


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Quickly, again

This keyboard is so weird, being the traditiolnal Hungarian one that is, I no longer find the right way to type, and Y and Z are changed places...argh. Weather turned laast night with lots of rain, so it is clear but cold today and might even get snow tomorrow night. All is spiffy, and if we manage to charge the digicam's battery tonight, more pictures, too. We went up to the Castle today and met a grey crow in the middle of the street (damned keyboard STICKS too)...
And The Husband sez he will have his revenge on our friend who got him drunklast night by feeding him habanero chili next time the treat is on us...heheh.
Maybe he bring a bottle of Mezcal, even.
Time is up, folks...hugs to everyone'

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Checking In from Budapest

Just a brief checkin from an Internet cafe: we are in, we are reasonably well-rested, currently walking around and getting reacquainted with the city. It's cold, but will get colder by the weekend. Taking pictures, but no way to upload until either visiting my cousin or getting back Stateside. The city is cleaner and somehow smaller than I remember (I guess five years spent under Texan sky does that to you)...and did I mention it is cold? Wonderful!
Anyhoo, might check in again later if we can, but for now, gotta go...all is well, and might get ten pounds heavier at this rate of paternal feeding habits by the time this vacation is over.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Piles O'Stuff

Well, I have a huge pile of stuff to be stuffed into suitcases tonight (NOT earlier, wrinkles setting in are narsty to get rid of), a raspberry-chocolate flavored coffee in front of me (YUM!) learned that it looks like there will be NO strike at the Budapest Airport when we arrive (phew!-there was a fleeting possibility union negotiations fail by Monday, but looks like hey agreed on whatever they had to agree), did all last minute pseudo-Christmas shopping to all Hungarian relatives...now just have to convince The Husband to start to pull his stuff together as well--
provided he ever wakes up from his afternoon nap..
Um: 'scuse me. Time to go and nudge some sleeping husbands. I am wide awake and he's asleep. This is clearly not fair and should have serious repercussions.
In case I do not survive the attempt, or have no more time to blog--have a good week, y'all, and we will be hopefully back briefly from Budapest with some reporting on the State of the Bunny and Her Clan.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Light Blogging Cont'd

Hopefully tonight I'll remember to puit up some pictures from my brother-in-law's visit; then I need to start making the dreaded Packing List i.e. What to Take With Us To Hungary? The weather forecast for next week is...um...completely normal for this time of the year over there: rainy all week, around 50 degrees max, and 30 at night. Yippee. That, of course means rainproof gear, long coat, warm sweaters etc., of which I only have a limited selection (this is DFW after all; we had a cold front today which pushed the temps down to ::gasp:: 70 for max). So: need time to consider, select and possible get 1 or 2 extra turtlenecks this weekend. Flight leavs Sunday afternoon...
The Husband is off tomorrow: working for a bank, Veteran's Day is a holiday for him. Lucky him. Eh bien, the vacation is looming closer and closer.
Will plan on signing in from apublic terminal somewhere in Hungary to see if I can blog something, at least a hello: my dad or my suster does not have net access. My cousin does, on the other hand, so I might take advantage of that, if time allows.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Rant for Decency

I do not rant on this blog. I like it to be a little island of inconsequent and insignificant little things that impacted my litle life or someone else's who is dear to me. Thus, no rants in public. But, my dear Readers, today I give you a rant first (than later, maybe if I am better, I will post the one about the happy things I discovered this weekend).
This is not the first time the past month I hear ladies talking on their cell in the stalls. I mean: far be it from me to discuss these kinds of things on a public blog, but for pity's sake, when you hear these women talking to their friends while you clearly able to hear what ELSE is going on in there...ewwwww. It''s just such a callous disregard of decency, common sense and other people in general, that baffles me to no end.
Guys--seriously--does this go on at your end as well? I mean: HOW????