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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


A quick update: the broken toe is slowly but surely healing (I am able to wear closed toe shoes for a couple of hours now, oh joy! It certainly felt the cold front that came in yesterday...but I'll have to put up with that for the rest of my life now, so everyone tells me.

I really need to plunk my little behind in front of this blog and post some reviews and pictures soon, not to mention recipes of yummy food items. Mmmm, speaking about yummy food items...I am really getting hungry here at the end of a work day: will have to find a tideover while I cook dinner (it will take time for the chicken to defrost). Mmmm, chicken...I think I'll roast it with potatoes in the oven. Got the potatoes and some other veggies at the farmers market in Coppell: the irving one will not start up until mid-May. It's not big, but the produce they have is really good quallity and the taste is truly superior to that of the supermarket mas produce: the eggs I got were just as dark yellow, almost orange, than my grandma's back in Hungary. Let me just tell you they make really good sunny-side-up eggs on a Sunday morning, especially garnished with some red, red tomatoes and fresh green onions.
Okay, I am really hungry now. Gotta close up shop and go home to get that chicken out of the freezer.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Happy Belated Anniversary!

My favorite Lemur and His Cupcake celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary this weekend. Woo-hoo! Much happiness and all kinds of good things to come to them...I can't wait for their impending move to Texas!

Hugs to you both!!

Friday, April 07, 2006


Let me just tell you: having a busticated toe sucks. Really.

Last Thursday evening, while innocently wandering around the house, our 17-year old bone-bag of a cat, Rudy, in his little absentminded old cat fashion stepped in front of me really sudden as I was JUST about to step myself. Naturally, the first thing a cat owner thinks is 'ohmyidon'twanttokicktheoldboneykitty' and in a split second alters the angle of her foot.

Which brings it into full contact with the all-hardwood rocking chair, with the full force of a fast walking step behind it.

After the loudness and cussing subsided a bit, and I explained The Husband what the commotion was, of course he told me that I should have just kicked the cat. But....but...he's 17 YEARS OLD!!! AND MAYBE WEIGHS 3.5 POUNDS...I COULDN'T!!
"Well, yes" he says. "Mom used to do it all the time."
"Well, at that point Rudy was not a 17-years old bonebag of a kitty who is sick and on his deathbed prectically once a month now", says I.

At that point he needed to leave for training. And that was just as well, as I was still in pain, and in no mood to argue about my heroic efforts in saving an old cat from a broken ribcage or pelvis, nevermind that it resulted in me doing something (as I realized later that evening) really painful for my toe.
By the time he came back my left middle toe had the hues of a ripe plum, and swelled up quite nicely. He posited that I might have broken it and suggested to tape it up and take it easy. "Nah", said I at that point, "I am just fine, I don't think it's broken, from kicking a rocking chair, it cannot be..."
I hobbled to work the next day, and hobbled around, and answered questions from bosses and coworkers and did all of this, of course, in closed toed shoes with no tape on the toe whatsoever.
Same thing over the weekend. "We don't need no stinking tape,"my thought process hummed, "we can stand the dull throbbing pain just fine, come on, we are of stout Steppe stock of raiders who ate, slept and performed other bodily functions in their saddle, shot chubby German knights aiming backwards from said saddles, and generally were unpleasant to little Swiss monks on a fairly regular basis. "In other words: The Bunny played it Tough over the weekend. And went to work on Monday yet again in closed toed shoes with no tape.

By Tuesday the pain dulled to an unpleasant throbbing, but I was still not able to put any considerable weight to the left foot when walking. Standing was mostly OK, but stepping still involved lurching along like Igor. The ugly color faded, but the toe decidedly assumed a crooked shape.
Finally on Wednesday when The Husband, my coworker and my boss all started being rude to me regarding how I am not taking care of myself, I started to realize that those ancestors actually DID take care of their battle wounds before, during and after chopping down those pesky Swiss monks or looting royal vaults in Swabia. I could feel one or two of them looking at me, with a decidedly 'Tsk, tsk' expression on their face, magnificently gleaming in their decorated caftans, white linen shirts and boots heavy with gold mounts. The pearls in their braided beards jingled as they shook their heads at my stubbornness. Clearly I was not up to their practical expectations. I missed the crucial detail of 'survive the experience to tell the tale and chop more heads off' bit.

So I looked at The Husband and said: 'So: do you think I should tape this up?'

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dance, dance, dance...

If it was not for The Husband and his salle-mate The Pony, I'd never have seen Momix. They were not particularly advertised much around the metroplex, and they only had two performances at the McFarlin Auditorium, not exactly a star venue. So when The Husband emailed me a while back whether we could go and I could practically see him through the email bouncing in his office chair with that particular big-eyed 'please, please...'look in his eyes, I said, sure. He apparently always wanted to see them, just never got around it. So off we went, to SMU land.

You can always tell that it's an university auditorium/theater, despite the decoration. There is always an ugly metal pipe running across the dainty railing, painted off-white to not even closely match anything around it, some awful dark brown wainscoting lining the gallery, plus there's the unmistakeable smell of graduate school. Nevertheless, the performance was totally awesome. I perused their website, so I kind had an idea what to expect, but still, it was simply amazing.

For those of you who are curious, here is their site. We have seen the show "Lunar Sea", which is exceptionally beautiful, funny and poignant at the same time: and that's no mean feat. I've seen some modern dance shows that simply put me to sleep, but this one had me thinking for about 10 minutes into the first act: "HOW are they doing THAT?" Than just said to myself: if I keep trying to figure out how they can appear to walk at impossible angles, turn upside down in slo-mo, or swim through the stage like a shimmering sea creature, I will either go crazy, or totally lose the beauty...so I left it to The Husband and Pony (who is a dancer) to deal with that, and enjoyed the magic, which was helped considerably by the music as well. They provided a booklet with the show that listed the soundtrack, if you will...so one of these days I shall definitely take a look at that, because the soundscape was just as incredible as the dancers.

If you happen to have them in your town (their calendar is on their website) check them out!

Time Really Flies...

Oh my. I had been a bad Blogger. Was it really two weeks since I posted anything?

Yep. Looks like. bad Bunny...and it's not even that nothing happened around me...
Lessee: quick list of To Be Blogged Stuff:
1. Momix performance at the SMU's McFarlin Auditorium on March24th
2. Cirque du Soleil performance at the AAC on March 28th
3. The Adventures of The Bunny and The Lizard Queen To Take Afternoon Tea Part One
4. Gardening News... roses are in bloom!
5. On the realization that Farscape exists...

Probably will be more then one post. Oh my.