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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Archeology In The News Again

Whee! My favorite Roman made the news again!

Is it just me, or there is a lot of similarity between that and the famous bust of Cicero? maybe all older Romans looked the same. Definitely can see the family resemblance with Octavian, though.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

We Is Back

Like above. Cats ignored us for about half an hour (after I fed them, of curse) then Rudy did the stress thing on the bathroom carpet and BooBoo challenged me to a game of tag. Was muy cute (the latter, not the former).
Kazoo was great--met a bunch of old friends, figured out the session for next year, had WAY too much food...and Russ' presentation was requested in an article form for an upcoming publication, so yay!

I took some pictures here and there, so I will get those up when I am less exhausted.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Made It

After a fun little interlude that saw us stuck in Milwaukee due to some thunderstorms overnight, we made it to Kalamazoo this morning, missing two sessions but reunited with some old friends. The campus, as usual, is pretty, Spring has just started here, the trees are in bloom, the swans are nesting by the pond, and thank you very much, we already spent more on books than we wanted too. I broought the camera, so might take some shots and post them in later.

This wireless thing on campus is fun--the only drawback is that it does not work in the doormrooms, so you need to sit in the public lounge. But then again, there's always peoplewatching, so yay.

Waiting for our evening session to start and then possibly visiting some place where food to be had. Yay!

The session I am chairing is tomorrow, and The Husband's paper is on Saturday. Will chronicle.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Off to the Zoo

We are off to the Kalamazoo Medieval Congress today. Woot! Will have laptops and the campus is wired in, so hopefully will be able to blog some about geekery.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Holy Cow!

So I was futzing around for sabre links for a friend when I found the thumbnail of a You Tube video, and I said to myself: "Self, that looks kinda like your husband in your very own backyard with a GREAT BIG SWORD."
"Nah, NO ONE shot videos in my backyard of my husband...right?"
"Except when those guys were her to learn sabre drills..."

Then I clicked on it.

Whee! My ratty little backyard is on YouTube! Awesome... well, actually The Husband looks pretty good as he kills a great big man in many ways...

Just ignore the comments. Anyone who says Hutton should be considered for sabrefencing should be skinned alive with TWO sabres.

::gets off soapbox::