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Monday, September 22, 2003

Family Sorted Out.

OK; we got a compromise for Christmas. I am going to spend a week at Dad's...still dunno about the housing situation as his girlfriend sold her apartment all of a sudden and moved in with him--temporarily until she finds another place...sure, Dad...:-) (Although he sounded like that's indeed the plan...) Eh bien , I can always stay with my sis...no, wait, she has a permanent boyfriend now (again), who keeps his motorcycle in her kitchen... NO, wait: he moved the motorcycle--it's a bike now, if I remember right...
But yes, I am going to Budapest for Christmas--Russ, with his wee 2 days of vacation left, will go to Maryland to cheer up Grandma a bit, and in the Spring we both will go back to Hungary again together, because, as Russ puts it: "I need to make sure your Dad sees I am treatin' you right..."
So it all looks fine and dandy, even if I know it all gonna change eight times again. Dad insists of paying for the airfare--although technic'ly it is my dear sainted Grandma who pays, it's from her estate--, so I only have to cover gifts and treating family out--provided Dad lets me...I still remember last year I tried to pay the waiter at a restaurant, and he looked at me with big eyes and said "Did you realize that Mr. Kovacs will kill me if I let you?" (Yes, my dad is well-known in a bunch of nifty places around town--this was one of them. I have a rather cool dad.)

Thursday, September 18, 2003


...are really not webjournals for me and a lot of my friends. We just talked about it recently with Miss Rufel, my sweet roomie and fellow-blogger lady. We post to our blogs when we have something to say...:-)

No, this is not a lame excuse for not posting more than maybe once a week. Just a fact. Yes, that's it.

Isabel is bearing down on the East coast--my husband's family being largely there, understandably my thoughts were with them today a lot. I hope Grandma will pull through OK; Chris, my brother-in-law was planning on going over and spending the day with her to make sure all is well. Grandma is a stout Irish lady, bless her heart, but she needs company. And that's why we are so torn in our Christmas plans. My dad really wants us to go over to Hungary, but he understands that Russ cannot really afford not to be with Grandma will all happenings this year. At the same time, I'd really like to go home and see my folks...while I'd dearly love to see Grandma and spend the holidays with my beloved.
I need to give an answer to my dad by Sunday, and I know whatever I say, someone's heart will be a little broken. Not a very happy realization...

Friday, September 12, 2003

Helluva Week

I had a bad week at work.

Then my husband sent me a huge bouquet of red roses on Friday.

Life is good...(besides, all those jealous stares from my co-workers...mmmmm...)

Thursday, September 04, 2003


One of the bounties we scored in Denver CO was the soundtrack of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean'. Awast! What a wondrously adventuresome musical score...! :-) Even if it keeps repeating two or three melodies only, in various keys, rhythms etc...but who needs TOO much of amelody for a summer movie with underwater zombie pirates anyway? ;-) Even if it screams from the overorchestrating tendencies of Mr. Hans 'Long John' Zimmer, who co-authors this piece with Hans Badelt? It's fun music. It's pirate music...obviously I need to watch this again...

In other news, we'd seen the theatrical DVD of The Two Towers a coupla' times in the past week, right after it was available for sale (we don't own it, just rented it, waiting shamelessly for the extended special edition)...and that was fun too, it on a completely different scale. I kept having flashbacks to the movies 'Stalingrad' and "Enemy at the Gates' at the scenes in Osgiliath and at Helm's Deep...was rather intense. NAd, according to the previews I've seen from The Return Of The King, we aint' seen nothing yet...Pellenor Fields will be MUCH more intense.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Colorado Rocks!

Well, a long time again. I shall post a longer entry here as time allows (probably tonight). In short: we retruned from our Labor Day weekend trip from Denver/Wheat Ridge, Co, visiting the Greens (John and Janell), having an incredible time! Yay, mountains! Yay, fog and dew and clouds, elk and coyotes and chipmunks and one morose and fat marmot! Yay, Taste of Colorado fair, kettle corn, funnel cake, bad smooth jazz cover of Sade's Smooth Operator (even so)...Yay, Garden of the Gods, slight sunburn, America West Airlines who lets upgrades for 1st class on the airport (ouch for that credit card bill, though...)... Yay, Shadow and Miroslav, cats of the Green family (especially at three am, when 20-pound Shadow climbs through one's body up to the face, curls up and starts purring REALLY loud...)...Yay, John and Janell's patience, planning, hospitality and great conversations.
As I said, it was incredible-- and, thanks to the new digicam, I have great shots of all the nifty places we visited. Even though my dear husband is complaininig that due to the fact that I took 90% of the shots (okay, two of the best shots he took, actually...), I am not showing up on any of the pictures. Yet again. Mwahahaha....:-)