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Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Dad

My dad will undergo a rather ugly operation procedure on December 15th. Prayers are very much appreciated--hopefully it will fix the problem he's having, but what with the finest of Socialist health care my home country provides, I am a bit nervous, and he's rather terrified.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cool News in Archeology

Romulus shrine unveiled in Rome...

My Dinosaur

I will have to post pictures later. I picked up my Thanksgiving turkey on Saturday from the Coppell Farmers Market--I pre-ordered it from a local organic farm, got the email Wednesday that they were processing them that day and I thought: "Oh cool, I hope it's big enough..."
It is 16.7 pounds.
Good thing I got the extra-large capacity oven in January. This thing worries me.

I Always Knew They Were Up To Something...

...ever since our phone line was cut off by the little bastards...but apparently they now switched to power lines...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Bouncing Ideas

I have story ideas bouncing all over my head...listening to songs like this one:

Possession-Sarah Mclachan (from her album- Fumbling Towards Ecstasy)

Listen as the wind blows
from across the great divide,
Voices trapped in yearning,
memories trapped in time,
The night is my companion
and solitude my guide,
Would I spend forever here
and not be satisfied,

And I would be the one
to hold you down,
kiss you so hard,
I'll take your breath away
and after I'd wipe away the tears,
Just close your eyes dear

Through this world I've stumbled
so many times betrayed,
Trying to find an honest word,
to find the truth enslaved,
Oh you speak to me in riddles and
you speak to me in rhymes
My body aches to breathe your breath,
your words keep me alive,

And I would be the one
to hold you down,
kiss you so hard,
I'll take your breath away
and after I'd wipe away the tears,
Just close your eyes dear

Into this night I wander,
it's morning that I dread,
Another day of knowing of
the path I fear to tread,
Oh into the sea of waking dreams
I follow without pride,
Nothing stands between us here
and I won't be denied,

And I would be the one
to hold you down,
kiss you so hard,
I'll take your breath away
and after I'd wipe away the tears,
Just close your eyes dear...

Off to get some of them on paper...

Friday, November 09, 2007


This is beautiful.
'Nuff said.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Just like the title says. We had a very succesful Polidori party Saturday--thanks for all of you who came and had fun with us...I don't even remember when was the last time I laughed so hard I was crying, but I did.
We also had not one, but two visits from our favorite Artillery Officer (tm) :-), and I got up the courage to go and see 30 Days of Night with him and The Husband the second time. Wow. Still a good flick.
What else? The library is up, we just need to reorganize the books into subcategories; the Wall of Death (tm) will be redesigned and put back up as soon as The Husband can get out from under grading, and November finally starts to color the trees like it was a fall proper.
That's about it, right now...life is good, in a quiet, unassuming, cozy way, as it should be. No small feat, that.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

We Did It Again...

Yep, run out of candy again at 730pm...just like last year. You'd think 4 jumbo bags of stuff should be sufficient...Apparently our neighborhood had been discovered...and I always hand out the good stuff, none of this lollipop and suckers thing, I go for KitKats, Reese's', Twix et al., to the great delight of all trick-n-treaters.
So after The Husband placed the Halloween lamps strategically up front and we lighted the candles as well, we finished our dinner and settled in for a night of rather frequently interrupted computer gaming, because what is more appropriate for Halloween night than killing the undead on the screen with a well-placed strike of a paladin's holy sword, right? :-)
Well, it was lovely. Our street was filled with giggling groups of kids escorted by parents and older brothers/sisters, our doorbell rang every five minutes, and The Husband was glad he gave up the idea of dressing up with axe and green face paint as the Halloween Goblin because there were just way too many 3-4 years olds in absolutely adorable costumes who'd have had guaranteed nightmares from that. So he run to the store instead when our stock of candy got depleted, earning Good Husband points (tm) and more kids thanking us appreciatively. Later, JG stopped by with her AMAZING mask that she made--hopefully she'll put up some pictures at her blog, because that stuff was on par with some of the fancier stuff I've seen at the carnival photos of my friends from Venice, really. (Sidebar-before I die, I want to go there and dance in full costume at the Piazza San Marco...preferable wearing a mask JG made). :-)

We have about half a bag left that will see us through Christmas candy-wise I think. Yay!