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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Texas State Fair

I promised pictures, yes?
Well, no butter Elvis unfortunately, I think my camera simply refused to take that in. Here, however, is the obligatory Big Tex shot.

And this is proof that The Husband was there, too, wearing red, even.

Tour is OVER!

Well, it is done and over with...my second whirlwind tour of Texas to audit our field offices is over . And a good thing too, I have no idea how all those traveling execs, my boss included, do these overnighters sometimes several times a week.

San Antonio, as always, was wonderful, sunny and mild, with some unexpected culinary experiences too, including a really lovely scampi with the right amount of garlic, hint of white wine and REAL BUTTER, and a melt-in-your mouth rice pilaf at the hotel's nondescript restaurant (hint--listen to your hunches and ignore how the place looks or the fact that you are the only guest at the place; actually, later it started to fill in, I realized I was early...). Next day's lunch was Chinese buffet, heavy on seafood (highlights included cashew shrimp and bacon-wrapped 'crab' sticks)...and even the files were not that bad in a very friendly work atmosphere. You know you work for a decent company when everyone hugs you when you arrive, they make a fresh pot of coffee and one of the managers is caught dancing in his office while the door is open, just because he is in a good mood, with his secretary looking at you saying 'You are lucky, THIS time he kept the clothes on' while she winks.

Ahem. All I am saying is, I could be worse off. But now, no more airplanes--well, for business, anyway. And until November when we are of to Hungary. Whee!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Just Passing Through...

Betwen two trips (one to Austin last Thursday, one to San Antonio today), I just wanted a quick check-in.
Saw Serenity again Saturday (with two friends who havent seen it yet plus The Husband and The LQ because we like it)--and I still like the series better than the movie. I wish they had a chance for more seasons, so that the story'd unfolded at a better pace, instead of crammed into a movielength presentation...but still, it was much better than any of the new Star Wars movies.
I'd love to have Inara's apartment at the training house, though (without the obligations...) :-) That style is actually rather close to mine, with a bit less Buddhas and incense, and lighter wood tones. And I'd kill for the dining table at the ship. Yes, I know, it's strange what I pick up while watching something the second time...

Sunday we walked a lot, that being the day we finally made it to the Texas State Fair. Much fun. More food...no, we did not quite feel up to the deep-fried peanut butter-and-jelly-and banana sandwich, but had corn dogs, bratwurst, dolma and cotton candy plus root beer. And the butter Elvis is totally frightening.

There will be pictures soon-but first I need to survive another overnight trip. back later!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


So what's up with not posting so often (you may ask, Dear Reader)? Well, work is really busy lately, and I don't have too much inclination sitting back in front of a computer after doing just that for 8 hours. Also, not really much happening in our little lives. The weather finally broke here in the metroplex, so the A/C is off (whoo-hoo!), and we can have windows open and such small pleasures in life.
The Husband is fighting some kind of a bug, so the Colombus Day bank holiday was kinda handy for him, spent mostly with lots of hot water, lazing about and not going to training. It was odd. We sat with lots of pillows and blankets in the living room/library, reading, surrounded by cats of various ages, with no sound of TV or radio on. It was so quiet, I actually fell asleep around eight or so, and woke up at almost ten to retire to the bedroom to continue quiet reading into the midnight hour. It was very refreshing; we both agreed we need more evenings like that.

And we are going back to Hungary in November, and it will be COLD there! I did not feel real cold in almost two years now... I have a feeling I am going to regret this unreasonable happiness over temperatures below 50F, but right now, when it's still around 80 here, almost the middle of October, I am kinda looking forward to be chilled.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Movies and Moves

So: on Friday we went and had fun watching Serenity and eating popcorn. As The Husband said: big dumb fun. I think the humor was really refreshing and most of the characters are very well written. ::sigh:: If only they even manage in ANY movie to at least approximate how a kick or punch is done...
All in all, this probably will end up in our DVD collection, possibly together with its short-lived series predecessor, Firefly.

And then, on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, the Big Move-In happened, helping Janus Gate into her new apartment...it was so neat seeing her dancing around her boxes of STUFF (and boy, the girl has a lot of it...) unpacking her enormous collection of dragons (with names for each!), and planning out the layout of her living room and study, fretting about her carpet and the single stain of dirt on it due to the move (The Lizard Queen deftly removed the stain without trace), and making a planning list of what to get next (including her cute and energetoc kitten, Bannon, currently in foster care at our house, baby-sat by a VERY patient pixie-bob)...:-)