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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


1. I am the Longsuffering Wife now...The Husband updated his blog with me in my very own category; at least I am nto in "Wasting Time" anymore...Whee!
2. Blogger is hiccupy: if I click on the Blogger header on my blog to get to my blog to post, it gives me error messages: if I type in the URL it works fine. Yet another oddity.
3. Sanalac nonfat milk in your coffee tastes JUST like the coffee they gave us in first and second grade Hungarian grade schools.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Happy Easter

For all of my Western Christian friends: Happy Easter! My Orthodox friends are still in Lent, so I will not discuss the excellent ham and deviled eggs I made for Sunday...::sigh:: I will probably post later the Hungarian Easter bread I made (with raisins, eggs and milk, unfortunately, so it still will be a torture, sorry...)

My roses have buds all over them, some with open flowers, the little peach tree's baby peaches are growing steadily, and the weekend's rains started up the tomatoes and peppers in the backyard as well...they all haver buds. Now I have to watch for aphids and get some ladybugs released as soon as those pop up. Time for some sprayed organic fertilizer as well this weekend.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

At Last

Yours truly, being a permanent resident alien and coming from another country had no credit histroy whatsoever in the US of A for quite some time. Well, that's OVER! We started the house refinance paperwork process this morning (relatively painless, actually, from the end I've seen, The Husband probably can tell you a whole different story)--and our loan guy showed me our credit report and I HAD A SCORE! Whoo-hoo! And it was NOT BELOW A FROG'S BOTTOM EITHER! In fact, it was over 630...
Clearly I must get a lot of cranberry juice and drink it all tonight.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Gun Safety

An excellent explanation and methodology at our very own Technogypsy:
And it has some very good friends' pictures there too! With pointy sticks that go boom!

I definitely am planning on employing his thoughts about me own kids when it is time. The Bunny lives in an armed household, and likes it that way.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

This is great.

It just gives me the warm fuzzies that I'd be able to manage in case the zombie holocaust hits...
78% survivor; scored 99% on the survival score. Whee!
I'd be curious to see how my Dear Readers score...::hint,hint::

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

New Links Added

I added two bloglinks on the right: please welcome Technogypsy and Sciolist Salmagundi; they are friends, their blogs are great--visit them often.

In other news, life continues to be busy. We did major yard maintenance work over the weekend--the front yard is manageable now, what with the new plants and the spring round of organic fertilizer down. We started to train the climbing roses upwards as well--the plan is to acquire more of those to create tunnels of roses by the front entrance and the side yard.

In the backyard, we set up the vegetable bed again. It's amazing how much additives you need to put in in TX: compost, lava sand, corn meal, organic fertilizer...back in Hungary at my grandma's garden you just put the plants in, watered, and it grew like mad... We have now tomatoes and pepper plants, plus I planted seeds of lettuce, onions and radishes, and garlic cloves. The weather should be quite nice once the current bout of the last cold is over--hopefully by the weekend, so everything will start growing like weeds.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Quick Update

Well, it seems the current disease wave is over...::wipes forehead:: At last this week I did not come down with any thing yet--small favors to be grateful for...
I am off to San Antonio tomorrow--this will be the last leg of my corporate whirlwind tour of Texas auditing some district office files...whee! No more of this stuff for 6 months...instead, we will do a series of travels on the personal side soon. I joined a bunch of hotel chain reward and airline reward programs this spring, I am doing so much travel (some of it, delightfully enough, avec The Husband).

We did some clothesbuying for The Husband this weekend--he got some nice compliments from the store manager at the Men's Wearhouse we went to, so I am mightly pleased. He'll look really sharp for his brother's wedding--since it's an after 6:00PM wedding, I could talk him renting full tails...plus we got him some new shirts, a pair of slacks and a really nice jacket.
Our yard also started to get a makeover--we fixed up the front yard, planted gerania (red and lemon-scented), more lavender bushes (for some reason those really like our front yard...), couple of Wandering Jews (the purple creeping plants), a basil for my herb garden...tied up the roses that were all over the yard...The peach tree has little fuzzy peaches on it already, and the plum started to bud flowers Sunday, so Spring is definitely here. We also got some tomatoes and peppers, and, after preparing a bed for them when I return from traveling, they will get planted as well. Mmm...gardening...I love Sprong!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sick People

No, really. After I thought I was over the bacterial sinus thingy I had last week, Saturday night I came down rather violently with what I thought was food poisoning but what turned out to be a particularly nasty viral stomach flu that kicked my butt so hard that I actually could only spend about 3 hours at work yesterday and whole Sunday in bed (well, and bathroom) and with high fever. Then last night just as about I got beter, The Husband came down with it, just as violently as I did. And I am flying to Austin on company business this afternoon.
Did I mention The Lizard Queen was also sick as a dog for a week now?