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Monday, June 30, 2003

Raspberry Adventure

I am excited to see how those raspberry bushes will perform. We planted then late Sunday evening as the sun was setting; Russ dug the holes (after much cursing, due to raspberries being thorny...) :-), and then we placed the little cuttings, pre-soaked in seaweed solution into the holes, piled the soil back, watered in, and threw handfuls of organic fertilizer on top. Looking forward to see if they survive--I know it's kinda late to plant these, but our front yard performed so well this year (as opposed to the back year...) that I have high hopes.
Someone seriously did some harm to the backyard...we put sooo much organic stuff back, and they plants are still struggling. Jonathon's tender care and constand supervision of the processes in this regard is always appreciated--the man has a great green thumb!!

Friday, June 27, 2003


Ok, when you are an admin and think that your Friday will be easy just bacause your boss is out of town...think harder.
Ouch. Of course, just because, Russ-husband has a similar yucky day. I can't wait to see us at home tonight, collapsed, totally exhausted on the couch, unable to do anything.
On the other hand, it's Friday. And next week is a short week-on Thursday, at the wee hours of the morning we fly to San Francisco to see Russ's evil twin, Jim and his beateous girlfriend, Madeleine. Yay!
And I can sleep in tomorrow because a bunch of raspberry bushes supposed to be delivered to our house tomorrow early afternoon, so I cannot go with Russ to savate practice. Now if only I can convince the cats that they need to honor my weekend hours regarding their feeding schedule, as opposed to starting to converge on my belly at 600AM...


Agh...HTML...I am rusty. I am fiddling around with these templates and as soon as I find something that looks nifty, I do something stupid and lose half of the formatting and layout, bacause I put something in the wrong place.
Trial and error. I'll get better...but still...Agh!

Okay. I think it's a little bit better. Soon it will be even better. Soon. The weekend is coming up.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Good and Evil?

The group I am playing Ravenloft with on Sundays started a really neat in-character debate on the Veil of Shadows blog (link is on the right side) about good and evil...It's in-character, so it does not reflect their true opinions, of course. However, my character enjoys the hell out of the philosophical clash (or should I call it bargaining?) of a true neutral and a lawful good. My elf is lawful neutral. So she just sits there and listens--those two are humans, after all...:-)

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Playing with HTML

OK, this is nifty...can play with HTML all day if not careful. Needs to get some basic crash-course in html again--long past the days when i could actually write up a page. I am past rusty. I had forgotten all...::shamefaced::
I still have an xtml manual somewhere--I translated it as a part of an assignment (the last one, in fact) from my last university; paid well, I actually finished it while already in the States. Might dig it up and looks...Need...More...Typefaces...

Bloggity-blog! A Bunny's blog to boot...

Anyways...this here is my new blog, and as soon as I have more time, there will be more stuff here.
I wonder how many blogs start like that?
And it's my code-name, and yes, it's with the question mark, just like that. There is a story behind it, of course. I know it's totally ridiculous, but my husband started to call my 'bunny' early on...Okay, actually he started to call me 'nyuszi' which is Hungarian for the same. but sounds less ridiculously cutesy than in English. So, then, my brother-in-law observing this name-calling, and meeting me several times, sends me this Xmas gift of a puppet. It's a really nifty Venetian Renaissance-style puppet, brocades in deep burgundy and blue, gold and all: like a court lady. Right? Now, the fact that the head is the skull of a fox, and the hands are bird-of-prey claws...is totally secondary. Ok? But this *thing* is going to a masquerade. So it's having a mask in its hand, on a long stem. It's the mask of a furry, long-eared, really fluffy bunny, made out of real bunnyface.
I hope this does not sound too gross; it looks way cool; I've never thought this can be done. But Jim (my brother-in-law) says that this is what this should be essentially called: (with big open eyes and a panicked expression on his face): "Bunny??"

So hence the name for this blog.

Comments are Fun!

Well, I inserted comments here; of course it does not mean that:
a. everyone needs to madly tell me how to get nifty new templates, or
b. how to insert images, or
c. I know how to use html.

Excited poinging...

Okay, it still looks brand new. Must...resist...urge...to...type madly....

Well, here we go, Admiral...

Well, this is the new blog...fresh and still smells of paint. Trying to type without typos is challenging...have to slow the pace down or something. Let me see how this looks like...