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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Diseased and Catless

...that's my state right now. We got the flu over the weekend-- Jonathon started, then Russ over Sunday evening...he's at home for the second day now...Rufel got through it last night with much medication, liquid, sleep and sheer willpower...I am having the chills and body ache yet again, and my temperature is raising as I type this. Still holding out though. No fun, no happiness, no health, no cat.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Cat Still Missing...

Well, my kitty is still missing. For those who did not read my previous entry (or the comments): Marco Polo is missing since Saturday morning when was last sighted by Rufel. NO trace whatsoever. No blood, no body (even called the dead animal pickup/Irving shelter and they said they'd have called the number on his name tag had they picked him up lifeless), and neither of the two animal shelters have him. We put up reward signs in the neighborhood and Russ walks around almost every evening while tries to keep my spirits up simultaneously. He _is_ the best--thank you, sweetie! All the other cats are fine, and we see all the rest of the street's cats roaming around--although Marco's arch-rival, the fawn siamese tom is suspiciously limping and avoiding our area.
In case you see/hear about a large (18lbs) one eyed brown tabby cat in the Irving area--please let me know! I am told that cats do this klnd of thing--Marco in neutered, but the vet in Hungary must have botched something because, as I mentioned below, he has his moments of Boy (tm) and in the last few days before his disappearance he desperately tried to get out of the house in the middle of the night.
He is my first ever pet, and I brought him all over from Hungary--he just passed his 7th birthday last Thursday. It is like part of the continuation of my life, the bridge between my old life back in Hungary and my new one here in the US is suddenly missing.
Have to finish; hard to type with my eyes all misty.

Monday, October 20, 2003


Whee! What a weekend!
On Friday we finally managed to get to CarToys and replace the dead CD player in the car...the new one is smaller, slimmer, glows blue in the dark and makes the factory speakers sound like some high-quality sound equipment. I was not sure about getting something in that price range first, but listening to some CDs since then in the car--not the least Track 15 of the The Two Towers soundtrack-- convinced me otherwise. Yes, it makes a difference. Whee!

Visited the Bairds on Saturday afternoon, too, where Russ and I finally got a chance to see a small part of the computer game Medieval Total War, courtesy of Mr. John Baird (15 but almost 7 feet, soon-to-be-high-school student and straight As--Go John!)...Very shiny! The Battle of Stirling Bridge on Expert level is something to show every wargamer...that scenario is just plain HARD.
Ah, and James Baird still makes the best Bratwurst this side of the ocean.

Then David Fontenot and his absolutely sweet almost 5-years old daughter Katy has arrived from El Paso to spend some days with us--much reminiscence about the UD days with my husband, Rufel and Jonathon--they were all at that institution together, and half of the time I have no idea what they are talking about, although they are really polite and usually explain to me five minutes after they notice I am staring politely in the air while they are giggling furiously... :-)

Unfortunately, there are also developments of the worrying sort--Marco Polo, my one-eyed kitty cat (18lbs and gaining), decided to go on some adventure Friday night, and after spotting him shortly Saturday morning in someone else's back yard, we haven't seen him since. Russ sez nothing to worry, cats do that kind of thig. He is neutered, although the vet back in Hungary must have had botched something (so we suspect) because he occassionally has the whiff of Boy (tm), and did not stop having girlfriends. I mean, they are coming to the house and knock on the window. I swear, I've seen it. So we hope he just has an extended stay with some sleek ladykitty or roaming around kicking rival tomcat butt, and shall return soon, pompous and aristocratic as ever, turning into a complete addict when I take out milk from the fridge...Hey, Marco, you hear? Come home!

Friday, October 17, 2003

Really, I read my own blog...

...and sigh, 'I really need to continue these entries, there were things happening..." but then, things were happening so I did not have time to write on the blog...see my dilemma, or Catch-22 or whatever you want to call it (most likely a lame excuse, I was a student once, too, plus taught some, so I can come up with really innovative excuses)?

So: here is a short recap:

1. Husband's birthday on September 28--Russ did not get his birthday present on time, because the Barnes and Noble warehouse $%*(d up and kept his present in the warehouse for almost a week. Great, isn't it? But finally, the complete Season 2 and 3 of "Babylon 5" has arrived at our doorstep (actually, I had it sent to work, thinking it will be there on time for the celebrations, and for that reason I wanted to keep it secret) and we watched it since then, all two seasons, all four of our household, often in stunned silence, because this stuff is real quality. More on this later.

2. Christmas airplane ticket was paid for by my Dad--I still need to find out the confirmation number and that how I can actually get the ticket...long story. I will fly Lufthansa, about which I have good memories of. Not as good as Austrian Airlines, but much more pleasant than American. Yech.

3. Seen the movie "Underworld"--twice, actually. Wow. Really good flick. Actually makes you think. Good characters, cool camerawork, a really deep backstory, decent soundtrack...and, again, completely misunderstood by the critics, and loved by the audience. Hmmm...After second viewing (we went to see it with Rufel first and next week we took our respective better halves, too) we stood/sat in our front yard for almost an hour and discussed it in the dark, under the moonlight...Was very fitting. Needs soundtrack, though...oddly enough, the closest one that we could find was Rhea's Obsession.

4. Had visitors galore from all around the US and generally had a good time with them.

Life is busy these days--in a good way. Ah, and we got Marco purring again--definitely a good thing.