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Friday, July 24, 2009

Cool Archaeology News Department

Five Roman shipwrecks off Italy's coast...more for underwater archaeologists and fans of very aged wine and olive oil. Yay!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little Victories

I had to see my doctor this week due to what turned out to be allergy-induced asthma that almost turned into pneumonia. They gave me a breathing treatment right there in the office and sent me home with four different kinds of drugs, including an inhaler I need to use three times a day. Eek!
But, the good thing in the bad thing was--I am five pounds shy of my pre-pregnancy weight. W00T!! I can actually fit into all of my clothes from before last July, including my pencil skirt and pants from Victoria's Secret-my benchmark.
It's a small thing, but a pretty good confidence booster. Now if I can actually manage to get to the gym one of these days to tone up the flobby tummy...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


The Anchorress has a beautiful piece up again, using Pixar's new animated short they show before Up! in the theaters to explain Benedict's new encyclical, Caritas in Veritate. Amazing.
I absolutely adored that short, and went misty -eyed in the theater all the way through it. And although I am no Catholic, I always love to read The Anchoress' take on things.


July is here--would you believe it? It is amazing how time went by...fast enough that I almost didn't notice the month change.
The Fourth was low-key this year, spent home with friends visiting--lots of talking, eating yummy foods (after visiting the Coppell Farmers Market again for a shopping trip) and watching Clint Eastwood westerns (yay for Netflix). It was good to relax a bit and take my mind off other, less happy things.
My nephew in Hungary is better but he and my sister are in for a rough ride. Support for diabetic infants apart from hospitals is virtually nonexistent over there, and my sister was basically told she'd have to remain a stay-at-home mom/caretaker for him until he can go to school because no daycare would take him due to liability issues. Same with schools--their doctor pretty much told them to forget any after-school activities, field trips etc--no one wants the liability and even though the Diabetes Center at this particular children's hospital offered FREE training for all schools in Budapest to how to handle diabetic kids, only TWO schools took them up on it. For friggin' shame. So I am trying to assemble a care package for him with goodies that can help my sister and send it by the end of the summer once his blood sugar levels stabilize and my sister figures out what he really needs and she can't get over there.
On the home front Peanut is growing like crazy. She'll be four months old tomorrow! Those two front teeeth are almost through, hopefully by week's end--it's been a long process for all of us. She's learned to squeal in delight about two weeks ago, and she upped in intensity this week--you can really hear her all across the house when she is really happy to see her mobile, or her favorite toy, Rattle Bear. She can also laugh, babble in syllables, and grab things on her own, and she finally grew a neck! :) She loves her daycare people and they love her back, whivh is a good thing, considering the place I originally put her in closed down after three weeks due to their funding being cut in half--in case you haven't heard, the wonderful YWCA facilities in the DFW metroplex were closed down except two locations due to lack of funding. They helped working women for over 20 years by providing affordable daycare and other assistance, and now they are gone. It was tough as Peanut really grew fond of the place, and they of her, and finding good and affordable daycare that is not tens of miles out of one's way on short notice (I had three weeks) is kind of miraculous. Which is what happened. We are still ironing out kinks with her feeding schedule and playtime, but they are working with us and I know I can trust them. So all will be good.
The Husband had his contact extended for another year (yaay for employment)--for more on that, see his blog. It's a mixed bag, but employment is a blessing these days, so we take it a day at a time and are being grateful.
Me, I continue to be gainfully employed and appreciated by boss and coworkers, still enjoying cooking and baking (although with some creative time-warping abilities thrown in), having fun with my writing and graphic arts projects (enough that I freaked out The Husband last night by being very, very quiet and intense and In My Screen a lot, as he put it...), and knowing that Life is good, after all.