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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

On The Mend

Good news: the husband's results from the blood test indicated some kind of bacterial infection, so they administered the customary antibiotics course of five days, and some prescription-strength pain killers. I'd say he was 70% better last evening. Another specialist visit is in the works with a gastroenterologist to determine the precise nature of said infection, and then it's hopefully a done deal. Yayness & happy dance ensues!

In other news: November is National Novel Writing Month! This, and the upcoming Polidori night Saturday is a perfect excuse for dragging my long neglected Story back on the drawing table at least for a while. I took a break since May to get ideas and inspiration. I don't know how others do it (opinions, gentle Readers?), but I draw a lot of ideas from listening to music. I am a scene-writer--I see stories in flashes of scenes as opposed in a continuous flow of The Story. I was told early in my writing "career" by an already accomplished writer who dissected one of my early plays that this is my greatest strength: creating images that are vivid, believable and exciting. So thus, by nature, musical pieces can get me a lot of inspiration.

I will be presenting part of The Story again at Polidori, by the way, and I'd invite anyone after the event to go ahead and voice opinions, criticism advice, whatever--I'll need it if I want to go forward with this story, which I intend to.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Sick Update

Well, the husband thought he got better last night; he did not. His doctor called me at work about an hour ago--he said "Your husband is in my office. He is not doing well. We are trying to figure out what's going on. He wanted me to call you and let you know."
So I am waiting. One hopes it in nothing worse than an enormous stomach flu--although after two and a half days of doubling over with intense abdominal pain I doubt it's that simple.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sick Times

So the husband is down with what first he thought was a mild angina/food poisoning, but now I am convinced is a full-fledged stomach flu. He's at home for the second day and is in really miserable shape. Good thoughts for recovery would be much appreciated--he's not sick very often, but when he is, he really gets it.

And I found another piece of carpet fuzz--on my bedroom's doorstep this time. A clear attempt to infiltrate my privacy by renegade fuzzers. Must initiate 24 hour bodyguard service by the cats...Rudy already started by guarding the sick husband in bed, and BooBoo, last time I've seen him, was patrolling the perimeter outside the house with his brand new sidekick, grey tabby Kitten BeeBop (yes, my husband names our cats...). Thus hopefully, no more fuzz intruders.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Carpet Fuzz

Now before my dear readers think that I disappeared entirely from the blogosphere: I did not. There was not much to blog about these days for me, that's all. I am getting into politics, reading up on American elections and such thanks to the links on my husband's blogsite here at Boxing Alcibiades.
But now:
Why was I finding carpet fuzz in my left shoe (tan Mary Jane, subdued but cute) this morning when:
a. said shoes are residing on a shelf in a closet
b. our carpeting had been replaced by hardwood in the bedrooms , all three of them, a month ago?

All I can think of, it either was the carpet elves giving me an early Christmas present, or one of my cats (suspecting BooBoo the Pixie-Bob) found a piece of carpet remaining somewhere and proceeded to joyfully to kill/maim/dis-fuzz it in the closet...This last one would, naturally, mean more carpet fuzz surprise in other shoes. The joy!